Future Gosain Kunda Primary School

Future Gosain Kunda Primary School

Our current project and another step in the reconstruction phase consists of the construction of a school for the children of Haku.

Devastating earthquakes that struck Nepal on 25th April, left the village of Haku almost completely destroyed.

95% of the village infrastructure, including schools, vanished and the children have been studying in very difficult conditions ever since, in improvised classes in tents.

In the ocean of priorities, the reconstruction of the schools is among the most burning ones so that the students can resume their education in a safe and comfortable facility.

Providing the children who have suffered so much with a solid, stable and lasting structure, i.e. a proper school, will inspire in them confidence and hope.

Just like every school, Gosain Kunda Primary School is a symbol of building a better tomorrow, but it also is the main tool in the struggle for making Haku an illiteracy-free village in the future.

Gosain Kunda Primary School

Gosain Kunda Primary School

Gosain Kunda Primary School will be reconstructed in more secure than the original location.

The school will benefit at least 80 students, although more children from nearby areas are likely expected to join.

This is a community school. Upon its completion it will be handed over to the local community for further management and maintenance.

The locals of Haku will be directly involved in this project. The parents of the students, the youth, volunteers will contribute with their time and skills in the construction works. It is crucial that they participate in reconstructing their own community and learn to take charge and responsibility for it, which they are eager to do.

Mr. Kami Chhiring Tamang, a local from Haku, donated the land for the school. Mr. Mariusz Jachimczuk is one of the sponsors of this project.

A total cost of the construction of this one-storey and three-room building has been estimated at around 25.000-30.000 EUR.

Design of Gosain Kunda Primary School