LOGO finalSince we initiated this Project in April 2015, Healing Haku has been supported by numerous friends and sponsors, both – individuals and organizations or companies. They extended us their support in a variety of ways: moral, financial or logistic, sharing generously their time, skills, knowledge and resources.


On behalf of the people of Haku we would like to express our gratitude to each one of you!



Trekking Experts P. Ltd. (Nepal)


Tsering Sherpa (Nepal)

Caritas Germany

Nepal Help (Nepal)

Sylwia Przytuła (Poland)

Pasang R. Sherpa (Nepal)

focus for nepal logoFocus Himalaya Travel (Italy)


Top Mountain Tour Play Card copyTop Mountain Tours GmbH (Germany)



José Tudela, Amparo Ten Torres & members of
Club Integral de Muntanya CIM (Spain)




Mariusz Jachimczuk
Edgard Publishing House (Poland)




Anna Olej-Kobus (Poland)


Britt Graepel, Micha Gross & friends (Germany)

Vladimir y Francisca Merino Barrera (Spain)

Wendy Hesta & friends (Netherlands)

Ricardo Moran, Marta Cantasy & friends (Spain)

Dr. Adjo Zorn (Germany)



Travel With Social Cause

Kobieta w swiecie.Dorota Komarnicka

Kobieta w świecie



Blind Challenge

Fabio i Charo Arias Arias (Spain)

Paulina Król

logo ALGEMESÍ SOLIDARIAlgemesi solidari

*The above order of individuals, organizations and companies is random and does not reflect the level of their contribution.